Fluxo – Revista de Criação Literária

The 4th Edition notice.

Fluxo-Revista de Criacão Literária will hold another online edition. We count (wait) on your participation. These are the rules (attention to the 10 points of the Regulation).

1) The chosen subject is Science Fiction.

2) The submission deadline to participate in the selection of texts goes up to February 19, 2016.

3) The texts should be sent in Word format to fluxoeditora@gmail.com. The subject should contain short story or poem –  FLUXO selection.

4) Each author may participate with up to three short stories and poems, or even three.

4-1) Limit of 17.000 characters including space for short stories.

4-2) Limit of 3.000 characters including space for poems.

5) The submitted texts must be strictly unpublished so they mustn’t have participated in any publication being the sole responsibility of its senders.

6) We’re not responsible for any kind of error in the text or effect any kind of review. The texts must be sent ready for post.

7) As we have significant number of readers in the Brazil, USA, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Uruguay and Spain, texts written in English, Spanish and Portuguese may or may not be accompanied by their translation.

8) Authors must should send an autobiographical not up to 500 characters.

9) Will be selected 13 short stories and 13 poems that will be used in materials charts produced by the magazine (printed, informative, banners, distribution web – Facebook, GooglePlus) published in ISSUU platform (http://issuu.com/fluxorevista) and blog (fluxoeditora.wordpress.com). New platform and social networks aim to diversify the product offering a Fluxo Magazine to every place and time within reach of a click.

10) From the moment the text is sent, is considered that the author agrees with all the points and items and that the same has contract value. Sent the texts does not necessarily imply in acceptance for publication.

The publication in the Fluxo – Revista de Criacão Literária is FREE.


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